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Can You Give Me a Quote For Makeup/Hair Services?

Of course! Please fill out this form so that we may quote accurately. 


What Type of Makeup Do You Use?

We carry a variety of pro and high-end luxury brands. All of the products in our kit are paraben-free, hypo-allergenic, and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Have an allergy? Please let us know.


Do You Offer Any Group Discounts?

We do not offer any discounts for groups.


What is Your Cancellation Policy for Hair/Makeup Preview Appointments?

For on-location appointments we ask that you give 48-hour advance cancellation notice via email or phone. For in-studio appointments, we require a 24-hour notice. If notice is less than 24 hours, we charge a cancellation fee of half of your service total.

For on-location contracts, all deposits and retainers are non-refundable despite any cancellations.

If you are within 60 days of your wedding date, the balance due must also be paid. No refunds will be granted.


Are You Able To Style Ethnic/Textured Hair?

Yes! Our hairstylists are trained to work with all types of hair textures lengths and styles.


Are You Able To Cover Blemishes and Skin Issues?

The simple answer is yes. However, blemishes are often raised skin, and raised skin texture can still be noticeable even with coverage. We can take out the redness and discoloration, but we can’t really “flatten” or change the texture of the skin.


Why Is The Bride More Expensive Than Everyone Else?

The price of the bride includes extra time for a luxury experience. We also build in administration fees for organizing your wedding day with all artists needed and communication time to ensure your big day runs seamlessly.


Do You Charge a Travel Fee?

Yes, we charge a travel fee of $1.00 per mile/per artist with a $65.00 minimum.


Who Qualifies As An Attendant When It Comes To Your Rates?

Attendants are anyone besides the bride. Bridesmaids, mother of the bride, aunts, grandmas, future in-laws, and even guests of the wedding wanting services. Whomever needs makeup/hair services for your wedding day, we'd love to help.


Can I Work With You From a Long Distance?

Of course! We work with a lot of clients from outside of the Indianapolis area and even abroad.

Everything can easily be done via email, phone, or Zoom and FaceTime.


What If I Cannot Meet The Minimum. Do You Just Offer Hair and Makeup For the Bride?

We do offer services for brides only. Of course! However, it does still require a minimum monetary amount for us to book a wedding.

If you can’t find guests to fill the "bridesmaid" spots, consider asking a special guest! They love to get their makeup done too!


Do You Offer Makeup and Hair For Engagement Pictures?

Yes, absolutely! Please Note: Friday, Saturday and Sunday appointments are usually not available due to our on-location wedding and event services. Let us know and we will do our best to work with your schedule.


Do You Offer Hair and Makeup for Rehearsal Dinners?

Yes, absolutely! Availability may be limited, as we may have other weddings on the date of your rehearsal. Please reach out as soon as you're ready to book this service and we'll do our best to accommodate you (and your party)!


What Days May I Schedule My Hair/Makeup Preview?

Preview appointments are available Monday -Thursday from 11 am -      7 pm. We are only available for weddings/events on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


How Many Looks Do I Get In a Preview 

Hairstyle preview appointments are booked with enough time to try out two hairstyles. Our makeup preview appointments allow for one natural makeup look that can be built upon for a more dramatic look is you desire.


How Long Do Preview Appointments Take For Hair and Makeup?

Makeup previews are typically 60-90 minutes long and include a personalized consultation with your makeup artist. Hair previews also typically take 60-90 minutes. With hair and makeup together, you can expect 120-180 minutes while we customize your entire look.


When Do You Recommend Getting a Preview Done?

Preview appointments can be done either before or after finalizing a booking. We do prefer that preview appointments are booked for a day within three months of your wedding date so that you hair and skin are closest to what we will be working with the day of your wedding. Of course, we can be flexible!


Can I Do a Hair or Makeup Preview Before Booking?

Absolutely! If you prefer to do a makeup or hair preview before booking, we suggest coming in as soon as you’re ready to book services for your wedding, especially since we do not hold dates without a signed contract and paid retainer.


Can I Bring A Friend To My Preview?

Of course! However, we do ask you to bring no more than two people as our studio for preview appointments only seats that many.


What Do I Do If I Need To Change Any Details (Location, Time, Number of People) For My Wedding?

Give us a shout if you need to make any changes. We try our hardest to accommodate you, but if details change close to the wedding date we can’t always guarantee flexibility with our artist/stylist schedules.

Any changes made within 60 days of the wedding date are not eligible for any refunds.


How Long Does It Take Per Person for Makeup and Hair On the Wedding Day?

30-45 minutes per service. The bride usually takes an hour. With Covid-19 protocols, add another 10 minutes for additional infection control per person. 


Can My Bridesmaids Use Your Makeup if They're Not Using Your Services?

We respectfully ask that no one is allowed to touch or use anything in our kit due to infection control protocols and for liability reasons. Thank you for understanding.


Is Your Makeup Waterproof?

Our makeup is applied to be water resistant. We use advanced techniques to keep your makeup longwearing, even in the heat and humidity. We do use products labeled as waterproof.


How Much Is My Wedding Day Retainer?

We require a $250.00 retainer payment and signed contract to secure your wedding date.


Is my Retainer Refundable?

No. Your retainer is non-refundable in the event you decide to cancel.


What If I am Dissatisfied With My Hair or Makeup Services?

Oh no! We would hate to hear that. Honesty is the best policy. If at any time you’re unhappy with your preview, speak up! It won’t hurt our feelings. We will work out a solution to find a look you love. This is your wedding day, we want you to love it!


Is Your Kit Sanitary? I am Freaked Out About Germs.

Sanitation is our top priority! You'll see our team use freshly cleaned brushes and new disposables on each member of the bridal party. We wash our hands, use sanitizer between clients, and keep our metal tools and surfaces wiped clean with alcohol. Brushes are never applied directly to wet product to avoid cross contamination. Your safety, as always, is our #1 priority. 


Can You Do Eyes Only for my Bridesmaids?

We can do only eye makeup, but we don't offer partial face rates. The attendant rate would still apply to anyone getting makeup services.


Do You Offer On-Location Services For Special Events or just Weddings?

Yes, we offer hair and makeup services for any special event you have! We will come to your location any day of the week.


Do You Offer Discounts?

We do not offer any discounts.


How Do I Know Your Artists Are Qualified?

All of our artists are professionally trained, licensed, and experienced makeup artists and hair stylists. All

artists on our team have been been in the beauty industry for at least 15 years.


Are You Able To Do a Variety of Skin Tones?

Absolutely! All of our makeup artists are professionally trained and have a makeup kit that can accommodate every skin tone. We take this very seriously. We will never tell you to bring your own foundation (unless you have a specific allergy). We've  got you covered!


What Are The Advantages of Airbrush Over Traditional Makeup Applications?

Airbrush foundation is a special foundation that is highly colorized & pigmented and is sprayed directly onto your skin using an airbrush pen and compressor. When done correctly, this is a beautiful application technique for special events where you need to look flawless.

Negative reviews of airbrush makeup are usually because someone had airbrush makeup applied incorrectly. When done incorrectly, airbrush makeup looks heavy, cakey and separate easily. When applied correctly, it looks like a second skin that lasts for hours.

We also offer traditional makeup applications, as not all skin types are conducive to airbrush makeup.


Are You Able to Cover Tattoos?

Yes! Absolutely. We are experts at tattoo coverage and waterproofing your tattoo coverage. If you have a tattoo that needs to be covered, please email us a couple of photos of the tattoo you would like to cover and we can quote accordingly.

Please note that proper tattoo coverage can take as much time as an entire face, sometimes longer if the area you want to be covered is large. Tattoo coverage starts

at $100 and up.


Am I Responsible For Parking Fees?

Yes. Due to the amount of equipment our team must bring, our clients are responsible for valet or any parking fees incurred. 


What If I Want You To Just Service My Bridesmaids, Do I Still Have To Pay The Higher Rate?

You will not need to pay the bridal rate for services. However, a $70 

administration fee will be added towards your contract.


Do You Have A Minimum For On-Location Services?

Yes, we do have a minimum for all contracted weddings of the bride plus four people or $700 in services.

(Preview appointments are not applied towards this minimum)


May We Use Another Hairstylist or Makeup Artist From a Different Company For Other Members of The Wedding Party?

Yes, we do not require you to book our team for both services. You can book us for just

makeup, just hair, or both. However, we prefer not to work with other hair and makeup

vendors if at all possible. We want your look to be cohesive and consistent

with the rest of your bridal party for photographs.


How Soon Do I Need To Book My Wedding Hair and Makeup?

We cannot hold a date without a signed contract and paid retainer. The sooner you know your date, the better. We book 12-18 months out and dates go quickly.

Once you have secured a venue and date, we advise that you should book hair and makeup right after. 


Do You Offer Makeup For Boudoir Photoshoots?

Yes, absolutely! Please Note: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

appointments are usually not available due to our on-location wedding and event services. Let us know and we will do our best to work with your schedule.


Where Do The Makeup and Hair Preview Appointments Take Place?

All of our preview & in-studio appointments take place in our studio located at

600 E Carmel Drive, Suite 249 in Carmel, IN 46032.


What If I am Unable To Make My Scheduled Preview Appointment?

Things happen, we understand. We request that you give us 24 hour notice when canceling or rescheduling. If you cancel more than twice, we will request a deposit to secure your services, which we can apply towards your service after completion.


Are Preview Appointments Included in The Price for Bridal Hair or Makeup?

No. Previews are not included.


What Is The Purpose Of a Preview? Is It Required?

The purpose of the preview appointment is for you, the bride, to meet your artist/stylist and work with them to find a look that you love for your wedding day. 

Preview appointments are not required but always recommended.


What Should I Bring To My Preview Appointment?

We suggest you bring a picture of your dress, hair/makeup styles that inspire you, and hair/makeup you don’t like. Also, if you have a picture of yourself in makeup you normally apply so that we may see the colors and textures you’re used to. For a hairstyle preview, please bring any hair adornments that you might want used in your bridal look.


Can I Bring My Child With Me To My Preview?

While we love kids, they can be distracting during the limited time we have together.

We ask that you enjoy this time for yourself and find a sitter for your little ones.


Who Do I Call On the Day-Of With Any Issues?

You can reach us at 317-789-5166


Is There Anything I Need On the Day Of  the Wedding?

On the wedding day, your makeup artist and hairstylists will bring everything they need to service you at your location. The only thing we need is access to an electrical outlet and a space to work off of.


How Should My Girls and I Prepare for the Day of?

Everyone should come with a clean face and clean, 100% dry hair.


Should I Make a Schedule For My Group For the Day Of the Wedding?

You can if you wish. If your crowd needs wrangling, a spreadsheet may be helpful. We do not put schedules together as we do not know of each specific guest's situation. We do suggest that the Bride's services are performed second to last.


Are Lashes Included In My Services?

Lashes are included in all makeup services aside from Flower Girl makeup application.


How Can I Be Assured That My Booked Artist Will Show Up On My Wedding Day?

Upon signing the contract, we guarantee that our artist/stylist will be at your wedding. If there is an extreme emergency, we will send another member of the Blush & Bobby Pins team to perform the services. This hasn’t been an issue thus far, and we will try our absolute hardest to keep it that way. If there is an issue on the wedding day, please call our office immediately at 317-789-5166.


Do I Have to Pay for the Entire Balance or Can My Bridesmaids Pay Individually?

You are solely responsible for the contracted amount, due to not being able to contract each attendant for their services.


What Type of Payment Methods Do You Accept?

All services are paid via online invoice. We accept major credit cards and ACH payments from your bank account via our online portal.


What Are Overtime Charges & When Are They Incurred?

Overtime charges come into effect when the artist/stylist is not done with your bridal party at the contracted “Service End Time” through no fault to the artist/stylist or the amount of time scheduled for them by our staff.

We allot plenty of time for them to do your party. These charges will be incurred if the end time is exceeded at the fault of the client & their guests. For example, if people aren’t ready when our team gets there, if there isn’t a steady flow of people ready to have their makeup/hair done.

Since there are instances where our artists need to do another wedding on the same day, running late may result in them being late to another wedding.

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