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When to Book Your Bridal Design Preview & What to Expect

Wondering when you should have your preview appointment? It's a popular question! Hopefully this blog post will help you through the process.

Should I have a preview appointment before or after booking my beauty team?

This can vary from artist to artist. We typically book our brides' preview appointments after they secure their date with us. Occasionally, a bride will request a preview appointment before booking. However, our rate for our Bridal Design Preview is significantly higher for a bride in that situation. There is so much content on social media and on the web that showcases artists' esthetic and skill to help brides envision how they could look with a particular artist. I feel trialing an artist creates a slightly different dynamic than a bride who comes in to preview her bridal look with trust in our process and is excited to secure our services. That being said, we will always have the option, of a preview before booking available for brides who we consult with first.

When should I have my bridal preview appointment?

I advise our brides to schedule their preview appointments for a date that is within the three months leading up to their big day. This is prime time as you will be more likely to have a better idea of how you would like your hair and makeup to look. It is also likely to be a similar season to your wedding day. This matters especially with makeup, because your skin reacts differently to skincare and makeup products in the warm summer months than the cool winter months.

How should I prepare for my Bridal Design Preview?

Search for photos that inspire you.

A good place to start is your artist's portfolio and social media accounts. After all, you chose them because you like their style! Of course, there is always every bride's best friend, Pinterest, to get you inspired. It is also helpful to pull together some pictures of yourself with makeup applied as you normally would, or even of you at an event where you really liked your makeup application. This helps your artist gauge your comfortability level with makeup, as well as see what looks you wear normally. Of all days, you should look like yourself on your wedding day, just beautifully elevated.

We have put together a collection of different bridal looks for you to consider. It can be found HERE on our Pinterest account.

TIP: Consider scheduling your preview appointment on a day that you have a dress fitting. That way, you can easily envision how you will look on your wedding day.

Prep your skin and hair according to your artist's recommendations.

Before your Makeup Design Preview, check-in with your skin. Are you feeling extra dry? Maybe some uneven texture? Make sure to gently exfoliate the evening prior to your appointment, and hydrate well with a good serum and moisturizer. Proper skincare makes all the difference when it comes to the application of makeup. On the day of your preview appointment, arrive with a clean and makeup-free face. You can moisturize your skin in the morning, but no need to apply any extra product.

For your hair design preview, consider the hairstyles that you are going to want to preview. Do you want your hair mostly down, but your hair has a hard time holding a curl? If that is the case, wash your hair the morning of your appointment, apply mousse from your new growth to ends and either air-dry, or do a rough blow-dry without round brushing or using any additional heat tools.

If you have naturally curly hair and want to utilize your natural curls in your bridal hairstyle, you should style your hair as you normally do with products and no heat. No matter the specific situation, it is pretty typical that hairstylists will require 100% dry and clean hair at the time of your appointment and no previous heat styling post your last wash. If you have questions about prepping your hair for your specific hair type and desired style, don't hesitate to reach out to your artist. We are always here for you!

Limit the amount of people who come with you to your appointment.

Many artists only allow 1 or 2 people to accompany you to your preview appointment. It's best to avoid too many conflicting opinions. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to know your artist and vice versa!

TIP: Wear a white or ivory top to your appointment. Light reflects differently onto your skin based or what colors are surrounding your face. It takes far less makeup to create an impact up against a white background than it does a dark one.

Communication is key!

Even before and during your preview appointment, we ask a ton of questions to make sure we understand your true vision of what you want your bridal look to be. We want to know about the feel or theme of your wedding day, what your dress and venue look like, the time of day, and what styles you are comfortable in. All of this helps us give suggestions and make sure we are on the same page. It is important to speak up if at any time in the process you would like to make some adjustments or go in a different direction. This relationship is a collaboration and your artist shouldn't be offended. After all, what we want most is a bride-to-be who is thrilled about her look and excited for when her wedding day arrives.

Post Bridal Preview Appointment

As experienced artists, our goal for your preview appointment is not only designing your ideal bridal look, but also learning how your skin and hair react with different products and finding what works best to ultimately create that bridal look you are envisioning. If part of your makeup didn't wear very well, don't panic. The fix can be as easy as priming your skin differently, or swapping out a product. If your curl didn't hold well, we have a variety of techniques and an arsenal of products to get the job done. Just because something works for another bride, doesn't mean it will work for you. Always tell your artist so they can be prepared with a solution for your wedding day. Your artist should happily except your feedback and remedy the situation. After all, your happiness is what it's all about.

If you have any questions about your preview appointment that I didn't cover in this blog, reach out. I'm always happy to help!


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