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Sanitation Sanitation SANITATION!!

Updated: Apr 2

Let's talk sanitation! You know, because it's vital to your health and safety. No big deal. ;) This topic is HUGE for us and it should be for you as well. The same bacteria responsible for diseases such as MRSA, staph, and cold sores live on your skin, especially around the eyes, nose and mouth. This bacteria is easily transferred from one client to the next UNLESS your beauty specialists understand and practice proper sanitation. Hello! Can those who understand and practice these procedures please wear a sign so that you can feel safe when booking someone for your wedding?! Ask your makeup artist/hairstylist about their sanitation procedures.

When you are hiring a professional artist for your wedding day beauty services you look for talent, someone who is within your budget, attention to detail and good reviews. Well, you definitely want to add this to the list: an artist who knows their sh*t when it comes to safety and hygiene! I can't stress how important this is.

How we or any other professional makeup artist/hairstylist should be keeping you safe...

Washing hands: Hands are washed/sanitized before each client. No exceptions.

All surfaces and products sanitized: We come with all products and surfaces sanitized with 70% alcohol before and after each client.

Kit protection: To keep our products and tools sanitary, we ask that absolutely no one is to touch our kit, products or tools outside of the artists.

Disposable applicators: If you don't see disposable makeup applicators in your makeup artist's kit, kindly ask them to step away. To avoid cross contamination of our products, disposable applicators are used for such things as an application of mascara. No double dipping. EVER. This brings me to my next point...

Palette knives and disposable palette paper: Just another way to avoid cross contaminating product that will be applied to your face! Every cream/wet product is scooped out using a clean palette knife and applied to disposable palette paper to be mixed with additional product or applied to your face. These products/tools never go directly from container to face and the back into container. As much as we LOVE our clients, we can't afford to throw away expensive product after each use, and if you are double dipping, there is no other

responsible option. Product to palette, from palette to face and when finished, palette to trash. Period.

Brushes: All brushes are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each event. Each guest will also have their own designated brushes for the day to prevent the spread of bacteria. At the end of the day we go home and scrub them with water, Sonia Roselli brush shampoo and sanitizer to prepare them for the next client. Only the best and safest for you!

Dry and pencil products: Pencil products are sprayed

with 70% alcohol and/or SoClean sanitizer, sharpened and then sprayed again before use. This keeps our sharpeners and you safe from bacteria. All powder products are scraped and sprayed with 70% alcohol as well to sanitize between each client.

Why 70% alcohol and not 99%? A 70% solution of alcohol takes more time to evaporate from the surface leaving the alcohol on products long enough to kill surface microorganisms. Who said giving 100% was always right?!

Expiration Dates: When we open a new product, we write down the open date to make sure that all products are fresh and safe for use.

Professionals can enhance your beauty and give you a flawless makeup or hairstyle but if they don't follow

sanitary procedures, it's not worth jeopardizing your



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