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A Complete Guide: Creating a Seamless Wedding Morning Experience

Updated: Apr 12

Brides spend so much time and energy thinking through every last detail of the ceremony and reception that they often forget to plan for what will happen in the hours before they walk down the aisle. The morning of your wedding day can be such a special time, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful if you are not prepared. To help you avoid unnecessary stress on your wedding day, we put together

this Complete Guide for Creating a Seamless Wedding Morning Experience.

Bridal party energy

The Right Kind of Energy

On the morning of your wedding, surround yourself with people who make you feel excited, not stressed out. This is your day and there are no rules about who you share your morning with, out side of

1. The Bride Makes the Rules. The morning’s vibe can set the tone for the rest of the day, so just enjoy this time with your closest friends and family.


Your Timeline

If you don't have a wedding planner, creating a schedule that clearly communicates where everyone needs to be and when, will help you avoid a ton of phone calls and questions on your wedding day. Send your timeline out in advance to those who are included in it, and print out copies for the day-of, because I guarantee more questions will come up.


Wedding morning moments

When putting together your morning timeline, allow extra time for unexpected delays. The idea is not to have any delays. However, in the case that something comes up, it ends up being a non-stressor because extra time was available. Also, consider scheduling in extra time for sentimental moments like opening any gifts from your fiancé, parents, friends, etc. Your beauty service providers are most likely not factoring this break into their timelines so allowing extra time is never a bad idea.

Don't forget to include a timeline of beauty services for your bridal party. This will avoid a delayed start time due to your artists having to coax someone into going first. It is also helpful to remind your attendants and family how to show up for their beauty appointments. Most hairstylists require CLEAN and 100% dry hair that has not been heat styled. (Dirty hair is an old myth) Makeup artists typically require clean and makeup free faces with nothing more than a light moisturizer applied to the skin.

Tasks to Complete Before your Wedding Day

Write your wedding vows before your wedding day
  • Write your Vows! Don't stress yourself out trying to come up with vows on the morning of your wedding. Make a nice copy of your vows either handwritten or printed prior to your rehearsal.

  • Arrange transportation for yourself and your bridal party.

  • Create a Call List for guests, of people to call with questions or concerns on your wedding day. (Anyone other than you!) You can post this on your wedding website and/or set it as your voicemail message on your wedding day.

  • Make a Pack-Out List. In this list include everything that you will need to bring to the venue in the morning or after you get ready. Include items like vows, extra outfit, extra shoes, touch up kit, hotel key, and your marriage license. There is a lot going on. Lists are always helpful.

  • Make a plan for feeding yourself and your bridal party throughout the morning and afternoon

Preparing for the Barrage of Vendor Arrivals

At some point in the morning, your vendors will start filing in with questions and requests for you. To avoid disrupting your timeline, make sure to communicate with your vendors about their arrival times, drop-off locations, and what they will need from you on the morning of your big day. Make sure your vendors have your direct phone number as well as a back up person to call just incase.

Wedding details for your photographer

Prior to your wedding day, prepare a box of your wedding details for your photographer/videographer. This can include your invitation, jewelry, shoes, perfume, extra florals, hair adornments etc.

If you need to make final payments on your wedding day, prepare them in advance and separate them out into envelopes labeled with your vendors' names. This way you can have them easily handed out without worrying about looking up invoices, previously made payments and confirming totals.



There is no reason for you to be running around trying to get everything done on the morning of your wedding. Prioritize an enjoyable and relaxing morning and hand off those last minute to-dos to trusted friends and family. Your loved ones want to be helpful so let them!

In your timeline emails, let your family members/bridal party know what to bring with them. This is also a great place to assign tasks that you will need help with. Examples of tasks to delegate:

  • Steam dresses (before their beauty services)

  • Bring Straws (help your lipstick last!)

  • Capture candid photos of your morning morning

  • Keep a room or space picked up for getting ready photography

  • Be in charge of the Bride's phone and responding

  • Be on the Bride's Call List (see above)

  • Steam robes/getting ready outfits the day before the wedding

  • Assign someone to put together a playlist for your morning together

Eat and Hydrate

Be sure to sit down and eat something on the morning of your wedding – it will keep you full and happy. If you feel too nervous to eat, try and snack on food throughout the morning and stay hydrated. No one wants you to faint or have a headache during your ceremony.

Don't drink too much on the morning of your wedding day!

Have Fun...

but not Too Much Fun.

Sip on mimosas and enjoy those throwback songs that incite hilarious recounts of shared experiences, but be mindful to not over do it with alcohol. You have a long day ahead of you and the real party is going to start soon enough.

Enjoy Getting Ready

  • Choose a space that is big enough to allow your artists room to work, counter space, electrical outlets and good lighting.

  • Before sitting down for your makeup service, brush your teeth and put your contacts in.

  • Where a top that you can remove easily without messing up your hairstyle.

  • Hand your phone to someone who will monitor calls and text messages.

  • Remove bra straps, socks and hair ties on your wrists to avoid imprints that may be visible when you are in your dress.

  • Do not try new products (ie eye masks or patches) on the day of your wedding

Relax and enjoy the morning of your wedding day.

Relax and Be Present

You have spent months and months planning for this day to arrive. Be confident in your planning and the vendor team you've hired to take the reins. Your wedding day will fly by, unfortunately, so make sure to take the time and enjoy every bit of it.



Stephanie Baker, Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

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