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  • Stephanie Baker

Natural Makeup for the Minimalist Bride

Updated: Apr 2

On a regular day you don't wear any or you wear minimal makeup. You want to look and feel like yourself in person and in your photographs because, hello, this will probably be the most documented day of your life.

Putting your wedding day makeup look in the hands of a professional may sound a bit scary, but trust me when I say that YOU are the majority of brides!

No one wants "cake face" on their wedding day. On the other hand, a bare faced appearance can leave you looking washed out in your wedding photos. An ideal bridal makeup highlights your best features while leaving you feeling and appearing stunningly, like yourself.

Generally, minimalist brides don't have much experience applying or analyzing makeup, so it is especially important to hire a professional artist who is versed in natural makeup applications for photography. Look for an artist whose portfolio reflects the style of makeup that you are envisioning and always request a trial appointment. This allows you time to make adjustments, if needed, to ensure you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

One look that will always be timeless is glowing skin and simple makeup. Make sure you have a skincare regimen in place long before the big day. A good canvas is most important in a natural makeup look so cleanse, exfoliate (gently), hydrate and repeat.

Scroll through our Pinterest boards, find looks that inspire you, and we'll see you at your preview.


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