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  • Stephanie Baker

DIY Timeless Wedding Makeup

Are you a makeup enthusiast? Maybe you're getting married in a remote location, or opting for a low-key elopement. There are several reasons to do your own makeup on your wedding day. With a little bit of preparation, a lot of practice and some PRO makeup tips, you will be well on your way to creating a timeless and beautiful bridal look that will leave your guests in awe.

Keep in mind- For many makeup buffs, doing their own bridal makeup application can be thrilling, but if the thought of doing your makeup feels like just another stressful component of an already busy morning, I can't recommend hiring a professional enough. Your wedding day, from start to finish, should be an enjoyable one!

My Experience- Back when I was freshly starting to dip my toe into makeup artistry, I decided that I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding day. (Mostly because the only makeup application I ever had done was by a Mary Kay sales lady, and holy blue eyeshadow, it was bad!) I was and still am very happy with my wedding photos, but as I was going through them to pick a couple for this blog, I was viewing them through a professional makeup artist's eyes and a couple things did make me cringe. Curse putting fake lashes on yourself! Ha! I wish would have practiced and experimented more all around.

So, here I am, maybe like 2 years later (because hello, I stopped aging at 28 ;) ) sharing the tips I wish I would have known back then and more I've learned from the hundreds of brides I've worked with since.

Save the TikTok trends for the guests.

Many people want to go all out with their cut creases and overdrawn lips when attending a wedding. You have to be very careful, as the bride, with trends or runway looks. You don't want to look at your wedding album years later, wondering "what was I thinking?" You should look like the most beautiful version of yourself with beautifully applied makeup that accentuates all of your best features.

TIP: Keep your eye makeup palette soft and avoid bold colors

TIP: Soft mauves, roses and peachy bronzes are great choices for lip and blush colors that naturally compliment skin tones.

TIP: Avoid a bold red lip, unless you normally wear intense lip colors. Remember, you want to look like yourself just elevated.

Longevity is key.

It is imperative that your makeup holds up to a day filled with hugs, kisses, tears, and those awesome moves on the dance floor.

Skin prep is the number one way to ensure flawless and long lasting makeup. Well prepped skin that is properly cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated makes all the difference to not only how your makeup will hold up but also the ease of application. If you have specific skin issues such as oiliness, large pores or texture issues, find a primer that suits your needs.

TIP: Start a regular skincare regimen sooner than later. You don't want to try out new products within the month or so leading up to your wedding day due to your skin needing time to adjust.

TIP: Thin layers of makeup help to extend the longevity of your makeup. Try applying a well blended cream blush and layer it with a powder blush on top.

Do you need a referral to a skincare expert? Our brides can take advantage of our exclusive partnership with COMO Aesthetics. Ask for details!

Use the right complexion products for your skin.

It is important to choose a foundation that suits your skin type and coverage needs. Your foundation should be an exact match to your neck and should never look "cakey" or obvious.

TIP: Silicone based makeups sit on top of the skin instead of sinking down into fine lines and pores, creating a long lasting and water-resistant natural look.

Glow without the glare.

Be mindful of where you apply luminizing products. Too much glitter can look theatrical. Shimmer might create a lovely glow in-person, but it can also create a strobing effect with flash photography. Stay away from the T-zone area when applying luminizing products to avoid making the skin look oily or shiny.

TIP: Try applying a liquid luminizer before your foundation for that glowing from within look.

If in doubt, blend it out!

Nothing looks more artificial in photos or in person than stripes of blush or contour. The same goes for eyeshadow. Blend, blend, BLEND! Your makeup should look soft and diffused. It should enhance your best features, not look like you're trying to alter them.

TIP: After applying your eyeshadow, go back in with a fluffy brush that doesn't have any product on it to blend it again.

TIP: Avoid streaky foundation by applying it with a sponge or using a stippling technique with a brush.

When testing out your Wedding Day makeup, wear white.

It takes far less makeup to create an impact up against a white background. Don't make the mistake of applying too much makeup, as intense colors and application techniques framed by a white dress and veil will be amplified by light bouncing off these bright areas.

Seek out knowledge from the professionals.

Influencers are posting "new" tips and trends all of the time. Professionals know that these techniques are not new and are typically not for the everyday person. Many trends now originate from stage and drag makeup, and although these techniques have their place, they aren't necessarily what is advisable for your bridal makeup. Seek out professional makeup artists on social media and YouTube to get your inspiration over influencers who are paid promoters.

TIP: Set up a makeup lesson with a local makeup artist! Your best advice is going to come from a knowledgable artist who can analyze your skin and make suggestions that are customized for you. We offer a makeup lesson for just this occasion called DIY Bride. Follow this link for more information.

The bottom line.

If the thought of doing your own bridal makeup lights you up, do your research; practice, practice, practice and have FUN! The truth is once your actual wedding day arrives, control over most things is out of your hands. Stressing at this point is a waste of time and energy, so prepare now and spend your wedding day enjoying the experience and all of the compliments your beautiful bridal makeup creates.


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