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Beauty "I Do"s and Don'ts before your Big Day

Updated: Apr 2

The venue is booked, your favorite photographer secured, and invitations ordered. There are so many details that you want to have executed seamlessly on your wedding day. Often times, one of the most important things, your hair and makeup, have the potential to be overlooked.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so of course you want to look absolutely perfect. This means going into your big day with healthy skin and hair is a must!

Your canvas is just as important as the makeup and hairstyling tools that we use to achieve your desired results. SO! To be well prepared for your wedding day beauty services follow these "I Do"s and Don'ts before your big day...

Skin Care Routine

DO start and be consistent with a skin care routine months prior to your wedding day.

DON'T risk a breakout by trying out new skin care too close to your wedding date.

DO gently exfoliate your skin 1-2 times per week.

DON'T over exfoliate your skin causing redness and irritation.

Your Skin and the Sun

DO apply and reapply SPF daily.

DON'T forget SPF on your shoulders neck and décolleté. No one wants to have tan lines while wearing a beautiful gown.

DO test out sunless tanning months before your wedding day if you are looking for a bronzy glow. If you choose to self tan, a manual application is always best and easiest to customize.

DON'T wait until the week or two before your wedding to experiment with any sunless tanning services or products.

Professional Skincare Services

DO seek out a skin care specialist if you need help determining the best treatments/products for your skin's needs. Need a recommendation? We know a girl ;)

*Blush & Bobby Pins bride's can take advantage of our exclusive partnership with COMO Aesthetics Med Spa & Beauty Boutique, and receive special pricing to get your skin wedding day-ready!*

DON'T try out a new skincare treatment the couple weeks prior to your wedding day.


DO get your brows shaped before your wedding. Your brows frame your face and cleanly shaped brows can really set off your look. Do you have a fun peach fuzz mustache or excess facial hair? (Oh, just me?) If you are having an airbrush makeup application, those fuzzy hairs can look amplified when the makeup is applied, so consider adding this waxing service to your pre wedding plan.

DON'T have waxing services done the week of your wedding to avoid skin irritation or the dreaded wax burn on your wedding day. Have them done prior and if any hairs pop up in between your service and your big day, tweeze away.

Your Hair needs Love too

DO keep those ends trimmed for healthy looking locks.

DON'T try our a drastically new haircut or color service close to your wedding day. Stick with what you are comfortable with.

DO treat your hair to a moisture mask or hair treatment regularly. Also, healthy hair starts with the shampoo and conditioner that you use.

DON'T expect suave apple shampoo and conditioner to be the answer to all of your hair problems. ;) Ask your stylist which products will work best for your hair type and budget.

Healthy Habits

DO make sure that you are drinking enough water daily, getting an adequate amount of sleep and making healthy food choices. Your skin will thank you!

DON'T consume large amounts of sodium, greasy food or alcohol. All of these contribute to water retention and skin issues. They weren't joking when they say "you are what you eat" and "beauty sleep" really is a thing!

Whew! You made it through. Stick to these "I Do"s to help ensure that your hair and skin are in optimal shape for your wedding day, and if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your personal hairstylist, esthetician or wedding day hair/makeup artist for professional advice.


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