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  • Stephanie Baker

5 Reasons Why hiring a Professional Hair/Makeup Artist is a must for your Wedding Day

Updated: Apr 5

Planning a wedding is stressful! From finding the perfect venue, swimming in an ocean of hundreds of gowns to find THE one, picking colors, centerpieces... (hallelujah for whoever came up with the idea of going on a honeymoon!)

You spend so much time perfecting even the tiniest details of your wedding day, so why not invest in professional beauty services to make sure you look and feel your most beautiful?

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is a must for your big day...

A Hassle Free Morning

Putting your bridal beauty services in the hands of someone new can seem a bit nerve-racking, but our professional artists are there to ensure that you and your bridal party look your best and have a fun time doing it.

We always recommend booking a preview appointment so that you can meet your artist and together, create the look that you envision for your wedding day. This means that when your big day arrives, you can rest easy knowing exactly what to expect with your hair and makeup services. Mimosa glasses up!

Your Photos last a Lifetime

A professional makeup artist knows how to not only apply makeup to help you look AHHmazing in front of your guests but to also photograph beautifully. The human eye sees differently than the lens of a camera and a professional makeup artist knows application techniques that account for lighting used in photography.

Your hair and makeup artists are your 360 degree view to make sure your hair and makeup look great from every angle.

Bridal Party Cohesion

Treat your bridal party to a fun and relaxing experience! A team of professional hair and makeup artists can help your girls achieve a look that is cohesive to your wedding style and personality.

Professional Grade Products

Hair and makeup products can be expensive, especially if you want your look to last through a day filled with congratulatory hugs, lots of kisses and maybe some regretful moves on the dance floor (oh wait, that's just me ;D). When you hire professional hair and makeup artists, you can trust that they come with the highest quality products and techniques to help your look last long into the night.

You are Worth It

While there are many reasons to hire a professional hair and makeup team for your wedding day, the main reason is to feel confident knowing you look like the best version of yourself. You deserve it!


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