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Do you love  all of the eye makeup looks that you see but have no idea about how to achieve them? Then MaximEyes is the class for you!

MaximEyes is designed to focus completely on eye makeup applications and tools. You will learn how to apply eye makeup according to your specific eye shape and which colors are most flattering for your skin tone and eye color. Also, how to line your eyes and apply mascara with our professional tips and tricks that we use on our clients.


90 MINUTE LESSON         $150

Choose from one of  the MAXIMEYES series:

  • Classic MaximEyes - An Everyday Eye

  • Smokey Eye - A Dramatic Eye for Events

  • Timeless Beauty - Adjusting your Eye Makeup after 40 

MAXIMEYES Objectives:

  • Learn how to use your brushes and tools for your eye makeup looks

  • Learn how to apply eye shadow like a professional

  • Learn how to apply eye liner with our pro techniques

  • Learn how to correct any application mistakes without ruining your eye makeup look

  • Learn how to apply mascara and curl your lashes for maximum effect

  • Learn how to apply false lashes (Optional)

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