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Have Zoom calls become a regular part of your life? Are you a public speaker or maybe a vlogger? Whatever the case may be, Camera Ready is the class for you. 

In Camera Ready, we cover makeup techniques needed to have you looking on point for photos or video. You'll learn how to apply a camera ready makeup application with confidence. 

120 MINUTE LESSON     $250

CAMERA READY Objectives:

  • A personalized makeup lesson to teach you how to apply beauty products for film

  • Learn how to apply the proper skin prep for a smoother makeup application

  • Learn how to apply foundation for photos. Enough for film but not so much that you don't look like yourself

  • Learn how to apply enough blush to show up on camera

  • Learn how to apply concealer when you have a busy lifestyle and need a touchup

  • Learn how to apply lipstick and liner using the correct techniques for prolonged wear

  • We'll help you customize and apply your entire eye look, including false lashes if desired

  • Learn tips and tricks for long wearing makeup 

*Makeup Bag Refresh or a Personal Shopping session is required for new guests before taking this class.

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